Winter Base - Week 3 - Gazelles

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Week 3 - November 20th thru 26th


House Keeping Notes

  1. Saturday Group Training @ 7:30 am thru the Winter
  2. Xmas Party on Saturday December 16th…Mark your Calendars
  3. NO Wednesday Evening Group on November 22nd…Join the Morning Group


Monday 20th            NYCM Group – 4 Runs for the Week…Tue/Wed/Sat/Sun

                              Cross Train Day

                              Lift Weights/Pilates (Mat or Reformer)/Yoga – 45 to 60 minutes

Tuesday 21st           Easy/Light Run 45 minutes

                              Include 6 x 30 sec light strides/60 sec easy within run

                              Do Light Strides after 20 minutes of Running

Wednesday 22nd      Track Workout - East Boulder Rec – 6:30 am…No Evening Group

                              Workout @ Manhattan Middle School

                              Warm Up 15 min/Stretch/4 x 100m strides

                              4 x 800m @ 10 km effort with 2 min active rest

                              take 3 min active rest after fourth 800m

                              4 x 800m @ 3-5 sec faster than first set with 2 min active rest

                              active rest = walk/slow run recovery

                              Cool Down 5-10 minutes


                              Cross Training Day

                              Lift Weights/Pilates (Mat or Reformer)/Yoga – 45 to 60 minutes

                              No Plyo’s Class @ CAC-Flatirons

Friday 24th              Easy Recovery Run 45 minutes

Saturday 25th           Tempo Workout from Tom Watson Park – 7:30 am

                              Warm Up 10-15 min/Stretch/4 x 30 sec strides

                              8 min @ marathon pace with 3 min active rest

                              4 min @ half marathon pace with 2 min active rest

                              8 min @ marathon pace with 3 min active rest

                              4 min @ half marathon pace

                              CIM – drop the last 4 min

                              active rest = walk/slow run recovery

                              Cool Down 5-10 minutes

Sunday 26th             Easy Long Run – Half Marathoners…70 minutes

                              Relaxed Pace/Hydrate on the Run

                              Easy 5 min Walk Cool Down



Easy/Light/Recovery Run - Conversational Pace/Relaxed Effort

Long Run – 60-90 sec Slower than your Marathon Goal Pace

Tempo/Sustained - Run between 70-80% Effort of Max

Fartlek – Playing with Fast/Slow Speed

Hills - Work on Good Form (drive with arms/relax the shoulders/get up on toes/quick

          turnover/mid-foot strike on the downs/look 5-10 feet in front of yourself)

Meeting Places

East Boulder Rec - follow Baseline east to 55th St. Take a right on 55th and follow the road until the sharp left turn and go past the first parking lot and tennis courts towards the Rec Center. Park on the West Side of the Rec Center Parking Lot close to the tennis courts.

Tom Watson Park - follow the Diagonal Highway to 63rd Street. Go north on 63rd for about a half mile and look for the sign saying Tom Watson Park on your right. Parking Lot is opposite Coot Lake on east side of 63rd Street. DO NOT park @ Coot Lake.

Coach's Notes

Following up from where I left off last week and an athlete’s ability to deal with their mindset, preparation and performance…we all know that GENETIC ABILITY is involuntary…while PERFORMANCE plays a significant role in the outcome on any given day and SACRIFICE is a choice which doesn’t necessarily come that easily.

SACRIFICE is what we will focus on here as it is not typically an enjoyable experience. It can imply loss. Runners make sacrifices to pursue their training and racing goals. Time with family and friends, money, giving up ones favorite food or beverage for a period of time. These are things we give up to some extent because we are devoting so much time and energy to our running and these are times we will never get back. We deem these sacrifices to be worthwhile, because the ultimate reward of performance makes them so. But to help make these sacrifices palatable, the reward cannot reside only in the destination. The journey must provide us some sense of achievement, or enjoyment as well. This is where fun enters into the equation.

Sacrifice and Fun are the yin and yan of running improvement. They appear as polar opposites, yet in reality cannot exist without each other. Sacrifice without fun could lead to an eventual situation where the body begins to fail to respond to the applied physical load, despite perfect restoration. This may sound like a crazy concept, as inputs should provide outputs, but the human body is complex, and even perfect inputs without enjoyment will not provide the performance that the inputs promise. Both intrinsic and extrinsic motivations fail to arouse athletes who are too focused on the details of their training without taking the time to make some of it fun. The ultimate goal of any runner’s training should be to use as much training detail and sacrifice as possible, while still making sure that training remains enjoyable-pick your battles and know where details and sacrifice are most critical for you. Detail without fun and fun without detail, while effective in creating a fit and functioning athlete, will only result in an athlete who is a mere fraction of who they could be.

Keeping training fun while still considering the need for detail is no easy task and so thinking outside the box and looking for opportunities in areas we may not normally see are imperative. A good starting point is to make sure that our initial mind-set is appropriate. Training is little more than the application of stress over time. We control the faucet on how that stress is applied, and must see it for what it is. Fun can be easily applied to training if we view training as the management of a runner’s stress budget. Inherent in this is the idea that stress can come in many different flavors. To think along these lines, we need to veer away from the detail-oriented mind-set that workouts are the catalyst for performance, and into the mind-set of maintaining the “spirit of the workout”.

If we all keep an open-mind to our training and go into workouts and letting things unfold, not only will we gain improvement, but one can have fun doing it.