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Shawna’s running portfolio includes 6 marathons.

Shawna began her running career as a way to stay in shape coming back from college. She began training in the middle striders group slowly working her way up to the faster group over a number of years. Her first marathon was in 2006 in Portland Oregon finishing in 3:41:00. Since then she has finished 5th  overall woman in the 2010 Denver Marathon with a time of 3:01:00 and her fastest marathon in Houston 2012 in 2:47:00.

“Running has grown from a hobby to a passion. Crossing my first finish line in Portland gave me the confidence that I could do ANYTHING I set my mind to, it was empowering.” “ The Striders family is an amazing group of dedicated runners who share the same passion and love of running as I do. They have helped me push myself harder than I thought possible” – Shawna Han

Shawna began coaching for the Striders in 2012. She offers personal experience in the sport and a strong dedication to help people reach their goals and find their own passion in running.

Contact information:
shawna [at] boulderstriders [dot] com