Summer Base Training - Group 3 - Week 6

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Week 6 - July 19th thru 25th
Monday 19th               Easy/Light Run 35 minutes
                                 Include 5 x 30 sec light strides/60 sec easy within run
Tuesday 20th              No Run - Cross Training Day
                                 Do ONE of the Following after Warm Up:
                                 Warm Up 10 minutes on the Stationary Bike - THEN
                                 Lift Weights/Pilates (Mat or Reformer)/Yoga
                                 Cool Down 10 minutes on Stationary Bike
Wednesday 21st          Light Fartlek/Tempo Workout
                                 Meet @ Tom Watson Park - 6:45 am OR 6:00 pm
                                 Warm Up 15 min/Stretch/4 x 25 sec strides
                                 Start with 6 min steady/controlled with 2 min easy                           
                                 Then do 3 x 4 min controlled/hard with 2 min easy
                                 End with 2 x 90 sec fast turnover/60 sec easy
                                 Cool Down 10 minutes
Thursday 22nd            Easy Recovery Run 35 minutes
Friday 23rd                  No Run - Cross Training Day
                                 Do ONE of the Following after Warm Up:
                                 Warm Up 10 minutes on the Stationary Bike - THEN
                                 Lift Weights/Pilates (Mat or Reformer)/Yoga
                                 Cool Down 10 minutes on Stationary Bike
Saturday 24th             Easy Long Run 85-90 minutes
                                 Relaxed Effort-Pace/Hydrate
Sunday 25th                No Run - Recovery Day
Easy/Light/Recovery Run - Conversational Pace/Time on Legs/Relaxed Effort
Fartlek/Tempo - Run between 65-90% effort of Max
Group Meeting: Tom Watson Park @ 6:45 am OR 6:00 pm
Follow the Diagonal Highway to 63rd Street. Go north on 63rd for about a half mile and look for the sign saying Tom Watson Park on your right. Parking Lot is opposite Coot Lake on east side of 63rd Street. DO NOT Park @ Coot Lake Trailhead.
Coach's Notes
This Weeks "notes" are going to cover some "housekeeping" and "gripes". I'll start with Columbus Half/Full Marathon. Come July 31st, there will be a price increase for the Reg. Fee, so I'll be handing out registration forms at training this coming Wednesday July 21st. If you bring your checkbook, we can take care of it there, however, you will have the opportunity to bring it back the following Wednesday July 28th. Please make your check payable to: Boulder Striders and not the RACE, as I will be sending the forms in together with a Striders check. I will make a block-booking for Hotel and Airfare and it will be on a first-come basis for the spaces.         
Okay, now for the unpleasantries. I have been hearing through various individuals that there are some unhappy Striders and possibly they will not be reading this, as they are no-longer Striders. This is a very unfortunate situation, as without feedback to me, I cannot address these issues. Whilst I am not going to defend myself or the Boulder Striders, I would like to cover some points which attain would attain to these gripes:                                                                                                
(1) The Coaching or Lack of It - all the coach's have been running with me for some time and implement my coaching philosophy, however, they have not had any coaching education and so have the role of "leaders" with the various groups. If you have questions directly related to your running, you should send those my way.                                                                                       
(2) I believe the Session costs are very reasonable and if you do the math, you are paying less than $10/week for the once/week program and under $13/week for the twice/week program.   
(3) The Group Dynamics with the Striders I believe are great and running with others who have the same goals as yourself, makes it more challenging. With that challenge, I'm always looking for you to have FUN whilst doing it.                                                                                                       
(4) Although a lot of you do not see me during the Session, I am writing the weekly schedules with you all in mind and your running goals. I do care about all my runners, whether they are Olympic Trials "hopefuls", trying to make that Boston "qualifier" or just trying to finish their "first" race. Having said that, there will be some POSITIVE changes to Boulder striders this Fall.        
 (5) With Feedback from you all, these issues can be resolved in a timely manner.                                                                                                                                                                       
Thanks for listening and here's to an AWESOME Summer/Fall of Training.